We optimize chemical protocols for our clients to increase yields, reduce the number of processing steps, modify the quantities and the nature of the reagents in order to reduce the manufacturing costs of certain molecules, and improve the scaling and overall safety of synthetic steps.

※  Known route evaluation and development of new synthetic routes for target molecules;
※  Developing reliable analytical methods for In-Process Control of intermediates & APIs
※  reparing Technology Transfer Reports summarizing all development studies and analytical data for submission to manufacturing sites
※  Identifying Critical Process Parameters
※  Rapid scale-up of intermediates, lead compounds, and APIs, following literature procedures or clients’ synthetic routes or developed by process R&D
※  Identifying Critical Process Parameters (CPP) for specific projects that are in advanced clinical phases to support clients’ cGMP programs

 Synthesis of Toxicology Batches or Non-Clinical Safety Study (NCSS) Batches
 Determination of Critical Process Parameters (CPPs)
 Synthesis of Process Impurities and Reference Markers
 Synthesis of Metabolites
 Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
 Process R&D and Technology Transfer