Cymtek Laboratories, Limited
Technical Services

Committed to delivery affordable integrated service by innovation technologies.

Our key strategies is to improve our core competition ability by strengthen the independent innovation capability. Our scientific team is comprised of PhDs and MS/BS level scientists with extensive experience in medicinal chemistry, especially in carbohydrates chemistry. They are willing to take on customer's challenges to develop and produce tailor-made compounds, and are committed to providing in-time development and delivery of qualified compounds.

About Us

Cymtek Laboratories, Limited is a customer oriented R&D company specialized in complex, multi-stage customer synthesis and process research. With many years of rich experience in sourcing, developing and production, we are capable of supplying mg to multiple tons quantities of APIs and advanced intermediates, building blocks, functionalized heterocyclic, specialty reagents and chiral compounds, as well as supplying a wide range of fine chemicals to our global customers.

Our company has been committed to technology innovation, and process improving, while focusing on the development of new products. We have a brand new standard R&D center, and have established friendly partner-ship with several qualified co-operational plants in China. Various sizes of glass-lined reactor systems permit batch sizes from lab-scale, through semi-bulk to large scale. Our extensively experienced R&D team comprised of PhDs and MS/BS level scientists takes pleasure in accepting our customer’s challenges and delivering fast, flexible, customized and innovative solutions and products. Our efficient Sourcing department is at our customer’s disposal to find fine and rare chemicals through our extensive network.
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Quality Management

GMP Guiding Principle: ICH Q7
ISO 9001:2008 Certificated

We focus on quality, and to standardize the management, technology and strict quality control and verification system to ensure the safety of production processes, high efficiency, high stability, each batch of products can achieve reliable and stable quality.
Our quality assurance (QA) team ensures that every stage of the manufacturing process (receiving of raw materials, release of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, testing and packaging) meets all customer and regulatory expectations, whether the product is going into the US or European markets.
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